Circular Economy Working Group: First meeting

Brussels, Belgium

During its last General Assembly held in May 2014 in Rome, ACR+ decided to create a Working Group on Circular Economy to elaborate general and sectorial guidelines, including performance indicators, as a framework for improved planning and practical implementation. It will promote and facilitate the exchange of best practices and their replicability, as well as develop new initiatives and new business models. The creation of the Working Group echoes the publication of the new package on Circular Economy by the Commission and capitalizes on ACR+ 20 years of expertise on sustainable material resource management.

The first meeting of the Working Group aims to discuss general guidelines for the planning of circular economy by cities and regions.

It will be held at the Representation of Catalonia in Brussels, rue de la Loi 227, Brussels, on November 4, 09:30 - 17:30. Registrations are open until October 31.

Download the Agenda, the Terms of Reference and the Working Document.