Industrial Nanocomposites 2015

Stuttgart, Germany

The 2015 Industrial Nanocomposites conference is to be held at SpOrt Stuttgart, Germany on 24- 25th November 2015.The conference aims to explore the current and future uses of nanocomposites in a variety of applications; defining the challenges being faces in mass production, use and future innovations.

Presentations will include a market overview, nano additive manufacturing, upscaled production, material formats, health and safety and standardisation, and delegates attendance from a wide range of industries including research, manufacturing, plus end users with representation confirmed from the aerospace, automotive, space and consumer goods sectors.

SAFENANO's section head, Gordon Fern will be presenting on the second day of the conference on “Working with Graphene in the Industrial Environment – Potential Exposure Risks from to Nanoplatelets in Conventional and Additive Manufacturing”.

Further information is available here.