International Intensive Biogas Training - Practical Digester Biology

Enniskillen, Ireland

Learn about AD in N Ireland in the summer!

You want to optimise or build a biogas plant and would like to know more about the biogas and anaerobic digestion process?

Join our 3-Day intensive training on practical Biogas & Anaerobic Digester Biology

Our summer training course in Northern Ireland will provide you with profound knowledge about the biological process of biogas formation, the principles of designing biogas plants, applied technology and safety aspects.

In cooperation with the Centre for Renewable Energy & Sustainable Technologies (CREST), Enniskillen, Northern Ireland


You will learn about:

Substrate-Input, gas yield according to the substrates composition

Introduction into environmental & engineering parameters

Start up phase & practical measures for monitoring the digestion process, Heating-up and Feeding-start, Testing parameters during operation, Practical devices for plant monitoring (FOS/TAC, pH, gas analysis)Record keeping, Data collection and daily maintenance, Safety considerations

Case studies – Practical operation of wet & dry fermentation plants