Graphene Flagship at ESOF

Manchester, United Kingdom

Graphene Flagship at Euro Science Open Forum 2016

Meet Graphene Flagship representatives at ESOF in Manchester 23-27 July

Future and Emerging Technologies (FET)

New visionary technologies are of prime importance for the growth and well-being of Europe. Spanning information technologies, biotechnologies and novel materials, through life sciences and medicine to social sciences, they are essential to address our societal needs and sustain our industrial competitiveness. The Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Programme, promoted as one of the major components of the “Excellence Science” pillar of H2020, is targeting these goals. It focuses on frontier research, supporting novel and visionary thinking towards radically new technologies. FET manages the two H2020 European flagship projects: the Human Brain Project and the Graphene Flagship.

 We will showcase the benefits of multi-disciplinary collaboration in frontier research on future technologies by examples illustrating how swarm intelligence could help in revealing morphogenesis principles; how brain-to-brain communication could contribute to the next steps in exploring consciousness; how artificial intelligence, participatory methods and big data could provide new insights on the spread of disease in complex social settings and how new materials such as graphene could revolutionise our future.