Commercialising RTD project results: FP7 PlasCarb Project

Gateshead, United Kingdom

As our FP7 PlasCarb project is coming to an end soon, the consortium partners came together for the last meeting in Gateshead, UK, hosted by the local partner GAP Group North East. 30th November 2016 will be officially the last day of PlasCarb and the partners discussed the last reports and deliverables to be finalised and to close this step on the research and development of the PlasCarb technology.

Speaking of this, consortium partners are keen to continue the development of the PlasCarb technology and to refine the PlasCarb value chain for bringing this eco-innovative solution to the next commercial level. After all, PlasCarb marks a new paradigm in food waste management, where this waste stream is not only used to generate heat, electricity and fuel, but could be transformed into higher value and industrially relevant products, namely renewable PlasCarbon and renewable Hydrogen.

The functioning of the entire PlasCarb value chain was proven in a five-week plant trial in summer 2016. Moreover, an article on the usefulness and value of the renewable PlasCarbon for industrial purposes has been published in the latest research paper by the scientists at our partner organisations CNRS and CNS.

If you have questions regarding the individual components of the PlasCarb value chain or are interested in the overall technology, please contact our project coordinator Neville Slack (