Versarien, WMG team up on graphene batteries

Versarien began paving the way to better battery technology on Wednesday, announcing a memorandum of understanding with Warwick Manufacturing Group to collaborate on the production of power storage devices, using graphene nano platelets.

The AIM-traded company said working with the SME team and battery specialists, it will have access to WMG’s expertise and facilities in the Energy Innovation Centre.

Versarien’s board said WMG was bridging the gap between academia and industry, enabling the development of innovative products.

It said conventional batteries could be significantly improved when enhanced with graphene, allowing for batteries that are lighter, more durable and suitable for high capacity energy storage, as well as shortening charging times.

Additionally, the combined use of graphene enhanced batteries and graphene enhanced supercapacitors, which charge and discharge much faster than a battery, could yield substantial benefits in applications such as electric vehicles, the board added.

"We are delighted to be working on this project with WMG and we look forward to developing a technologically advanced lithium battery that will have numerous applications in real life,” Versarien CEO Neill Ricketts said.

“The expertise in this field cultivated at WMG, University of Warwick, is second to none and the opportunity to be working alongside them is very exciting for Versarien as we look to maintain our position as one of the leading international experts in graphene production and its applications.

“We anticipate that the MOU will enable us to collaborate on a number of projects with WMG."