Graphenano and Eckermann join to form Graphenano Dental.

Graphenano Dental's aim is the  development of graphene structures to be used as dental prostheses.

Both the Graphenano and Eckermann companies have pooled their knowledge to create a new material containing graphene. This revolutionary material is used for building dental structures using the latest technologies. 

Dental Graphenano brings together the knowhow of these two companies, The principals of each company are Martin Martinez founder CEO & President of the Graphenano Group, and Jesus Toboso, Managing Director of Eckermann, along with a team of highly qualified, and dedicated professionals. This new worldwide project first took hold on the stand of  Eckermann at the Expo dental fair in Madrid.

There are many properties unique to graphene that make it an ideal material for oral rehabilitations. Both as implant, and supported prostheses. Among them, are that it has a mechanical strength  superior to steel , low weight and high flexibility. Graphene enables new high durability dental structures to be built. Which can bend without breaking, and with a significant improvement in aesthetics, they look great. 

Graphene is a good thermal and electrical insulation, and its physical properties are not altered by temperature changes. In addition, it cushions and distributes the masticatory loads, avoids the phenomenon of bimetallism and is biocompatible. 

In the experiments conducted for the construction of dentures, graphene has proved its excellent properties and ensures a great solutions to short and long term clinical solutions in the field of dentistry and medicine in general. 

Eckermann Laboratories is a Spanish company that provides an advanced Oral Implantology service.  

Eckermann's scientific committee is made up of highly qualified and experienced doctors with specialties in various disciplines of dentistry, and experienced in Systematic Implants . It has extensive experience as a manufacturer and a wide trade network of in domestic and international markets.