PlasCarb goes to Industry - Exhibiting at the RWM2016

Close to the end of the FP7 PlasCarb project in November 2016, the PlasCarb team travelled to Birmingham, UK, to share the project's story at the RWM 2016 on 13-15 September 2016. The presence of PlasCarb at this event concluded the PlasCarb goes to Industry series of two industrial conferences (read here about the first conference - ANM2016 in Aveiro, PT in July 2016) where the project was presented.

The aim of this series has been to bring the research and development results of PlasCarb closer to industry and establish contacts with people interested in the future development of the PlasCarb technology.

The RWM 2016 was a three days event co-located with the Energy-, Renewables- and Water Event and as such the perfect showroom to present the transdisciplinary work of the PlasCarb project. The project team had a busy time presenting not only the project's process, namely the up-cycling of food waste to the high-value products Renewable Hydrogen and Renewable PlasCarbon (RPC), but also showcasing live on stand the properties of RPC in a range of future industrial applications.

To mention one of those applications, PlasCarb's partners printed on the stand samples of conductive circuits and RFID tags with a conductive ink produced from RPC. By doing so, two aspects of RPC applied in conductive inks were proven: (a) The ability to formulate inks for the usage in market-available ink-jet cartridges and (b) the conductivity of the printed circuits and RFID tags measured by an apparatus on spot.

Over the three days, approximately 190 visitors engaged with experts of the PlasCarb consortium at the stand in in-depth discussions. People showed interest in the project from different angles, from specific details of technical and engineering related topics over the comprehensive process flow until future business, commercialisation and exploitation opportunities.

All in all, the series of PlasCarb goes to Industry was a success for the PlasCarb consortium from a dissemination and exploitation viewpoint.