PlasCarb's legacy - Scientific Paper and Video published

More than one year after the project's official close, the research on renewable PlasCarbon (RPC), the output of the PlasCarb project, is still ongoing and Katarina Kampioti from the Research Center Paul Pascal at CNRS in France has published a scientific article in ACS Omega with the title "Highly Conducting, Sustainable, Nanographitic Rubber Composites" associated with this explanatory youtube video.

Together with the research group led by Alain Pénicaud, the researchers have expanded their work on the outputs from the PlasCarb project. They show once more that this nanographitic powder, yielded from food waste through the PlasCarb process, posesses magnificent features.

Katarina was able to demonstrate that RPC and natural rubber from the Hevea brasiliensis tree can be combined to produce green composites for potential uses in various applications such as sealing of electronic devices or sensors.